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If you are in pain or have a specific concern, we will deal with that first. When appropriate, our Sports Therapists will conduct a F.M.A (Functional Movement Analysis) to identify any muskuloskeletal issues, strengths and weaknesses, to build for a plan relevant to you.


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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is available at all our clinics. Regular Sports Massage is considered by many as an important part of training and can head off tomorrow's injuries.

Injury Treatment and Management

Our service is deigned to keep you active whenever possible or help you with a recovery plan for a safe return to activity.

Personal Fitness Instruction

We offer Personal Fitness Instruction at our Ashton clinic and in association with the Pro-Balance Personal Training Gym in Manchester. Our Sports Therapists will conduct F.M.A. and prepare your Personal Development Plan. Exercise programmes are supplied with demonstration videos.

Online Strength & Conditioning Groups

We host a series of sport focused stength and conditioning groups Monday 7.30 and Thurs 7pm. Text Andy 07720 351898 to book. £35 per month or £7 per class.

  • Mon 7.30 to 8.15pm and Thurs 7.00 to 7.45pm

Gait Analysis options

Our Running gait analysis is thorough, it begins with Functional Movement Analysis and is focused on running efficiency and injury prevention.

Running Gait Development

This begins in the same way, but is monitored over 3 follow up sesions, it includes a development plan with homework and reassessment over 8 weeks. This is how long it takes for your body to learm new movement patterns.

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