Postural Assessment

A postural assessment is important to identify the causes of a range of issues from headaches to stiff and knotted shoulders, aching arms and ankles, knee pain, pins and needles and numbness in either the hands or feet as well as sciatic pain as a result of prolonged periods of sitting or driving.

To help achieve the best possible outcome for Fulcrum Sports Therapy clients, a thorough consultation and postural assessment is offered to all clients. This process looks at your physical alignment and may include some special tests, including Gait analysis, that help reveal why you can’t stand up straight or why you can’t quite manage the golf swing you would like!

This information is then used to prepare a personalised treatment plan for you.

Good Posture:

  • improves body shape and appearance
  • prevents muscle tension and spasm
  • prevents undue stresses on joints
  • improves the efficency of the circulatory system
  • improves working and sporting performance
  • reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries
  • promotes healthy ageing