Wayne Wilson

A big thank you to Trevor Burchick of Fulcrum Sports Therapy for going out of his way to provide a much needed sports therapy massage this afternoon. December 2017

Rachel Boorer-May

Fantastic! Trevor really knows his stuff. Would highly recommend and will be going back. 10/10 from me. Thanks Trev September 2017

Monica Collantine

Just to let you know you can chalk up another success story. I did a 5 mile run/walk this morning with no pain in my knee at all. Brilliant! Now all I have to do is regain my fitness, which I will do soon, and I'm back on track. Many, many thanks. All the best, Monica. November 2015

Bev Milburn

Trevor you are a sat here with the gehko thing on my leg/knee. It really did help and I had a fantastic race in the lakes last Saturday thankyou so much and I will see you soon :-). November 2015

Simone Keegan

Just got home from running the 5 miler with Mcr SRC. No dead feet and no ache / pain in my calves. I could just concentrate on the run and surviving lol. Thank you. I was slow so need to build my time back up but it is the first run I have done for a few weeks that I have enjoyed. October 2015

Sally-Anne Hopkins

Superb service and brilliant results. Trevor is always helpful with your recovery beyond just the Physio session and helps you even in times when are recovered and have a quick query. Within the themselves he explains what muscles he is working and in a jargon free way that makes it clear how deep he is getting, what feelings you may experience (a sports massage is not exactly relaxing!) and in turn helps free any tension/apprehension you may have. It is incredible just how connected each muscle is and Trevor is passionate his job and delivering results across not just the area that you think is painful but those connected to it too! The aftercare is superb with the use of high quality Rocktape on affected areas (if needed) and advice to see you through to the next session. If any leg issues I'd also recommend investing in a pair of Geko circulation supports. Absolutely can not recommend Trevor enough!! October 2015

Vicky Evans

Hello! I meant to text you to say you'd worked miracles. Ran around all afternoon like a demented toddler with no issues at all. It was really good. No discomfort in it at all and have just done a legs session at the gym with no issues either! x September 2015

Wayne, Manchester

Have to tell you Trev whatever you did today and the addition of the tape is truly magnificent my back hasn't ached all day and I have much more movement. You should be knighted! Many, many thanks Wayne. March 2014

Guy from Manchester

My treatments made me feel a lot more comfortable on the bike, meaning i could actually enjoy the challenge ahead. The posture assessment pre-ride was excellent and the results afterwards were astounding. I'm now standing correctly without having to conciously think about it. June 2014

Stephen - Manchester

Just a quick note to say 'thank you' for performing a (minor?) miracle on me last week. As you know I had resigned myself to the inevitability of replacement hip surgery as predicted by the orthopedic surgeon several years ago... I was unable to walk without a pronounced limp, had little range of movement and was, on too frequent occasion, in fairly sever pain...

After 2 1/2 hours with you I was prancing around like a new born spring chicken. i have not walked that freely and without pain for a long, long time.

I'm please to say that the dramatic improvement has sustained itself.

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Louise, Manchester

After suffering for 6 weeks with an injury to my foot from running ,a friend recommended Fulcrum sports therapy.

I had been in pain walking to the appointment, and after one session of therapy I was able to walk pain free the following week. After another session I was back to normal running session. You are highly recommended and thanks for the advise and exercises. 


Guy from Hale

For me, the Firefly Recovery Devices were a great addition, they definitely helped keep the legs refreshed and ready to go the day after. I definitely noticed the difference when I forgot to turn the left one on and woke up with two different legs! July 2014

Lee, Manchester

I had torn Tendons in my neck and shoulders and was in constant pain – despite being on painkillers and anti-inflaminitaries. My daily routine was restricted and I had problems sleeping due to the pain.

I contacted Fulcrum Sports Therapy to ask if there was anything they could do or recommend to ease my situation. After an initial induction I attended a course of sessions specifically designed to elevate my pain and subsequent impairment. The consultants’ knowledge of the workings of muscles and joints gradually reduced my level of pain. Not only had this they recommended a course of exercises to do at home once had my course finished. I couldn’t have asked for a more thourgh and empathetic approach to my situation.  


Will - Manchester

I said to you I thought I was getting RSI in my right arm which I injured badly earlier this year and as a result of prolonged computer usage. After locating problematic muscles in my arm / shoulder and then treating them with deep massage, the tight aching sensation in my wrist and arm has completely disappeared ! I've not since experienced that same ache or pain in my right arm ever since.

Hana - Manchester

I received a sports therapy treatment from Trevor following my first ever half marathon race. Trevor worked on my feet and legs, releasing tension from all the 'hotspots' and he was able to tailor the treatment to help me recover from the event. Trevor was friendly and explained in simple terms what he was doing during the treatment and why, which I appreciated. He was also very professional in his manner and took great care to look after my comfort and privacy during the treatment.

Peter - Sheffield

Much obliged to you Trevor, I learned a lot from your generous sharing of expertise and felt a distinct improvement in my leg. I value to effect of such massage and would certainly consider a further treatment - on both legs. Some preparation for 'interesting' levels of therapeutic pain being sensible (I now understand). Hope all is well with you - I will take up the stretching.