Trigger Points

Trigger points are like mini cramps within individual muscle fibrils, they are restrictions in muscles and can be very painful. In many cases the resulting pain can feel like you have quite a serious injury.

There are recognised patterns of pain referral for trigger points, which means the culprit may be located in a body part that doesn't hurt, so in some cases it takes a while to accurately locate and treat the source, and that may be a cluster of Trigger Points. 

It is common to find that that painful hip, bad back, knee problem, stiff neck or headache is actually the result of hidden trigger points.

Trigger Points are understood to have a range of contributory causes, including lifestyle factors: The nutritional value of what you you eat, your alcohol consumption, how well hydrated you are, whether you exercise or sit for too long.

Fulcrum Sports Therapy will help find and treat any troublesome trigger points you have. Many clients find this process very liberating, though in some cases, it can leave you tender for a couple of days, or even cause a little bruising. 

Without doubt, the benefits of treatment are worthwhile for all.