Personalised Bike Fitting Service

Our bike fitting service is ideal for cyclists, whether you're novice or experienced and it is designed to minimise the risk of injury that could result from riding a poorly set up bicycle.

The process involves an analysis of your current bike set up, coupled with an assessment of your posture, strength and flexibility.  Personalised exercise programmes will be offered to meet your needs.   

We will explore your Goals, expectations, riding history, past injuries, fitness and wellbeing.

The cost is £60 and lasts up to 60 minutes depending upon the amount of work required. Bike spares spare parts needed for alterations are not included, though recommendations for any necessary parts will be made. If you find further adjustments are necessary.

Bike Fit appointments are usually available Monday to Saturday at our Ashton Clinic by appointment.

To book text to 07522 237 330 or e-mail

Bike Fit Location

Our Ashton clinic is based inside Total Cricket, Oxford Street East, Ashton-Under-Lyne OL7 0RE